The Tomb of Rome’s First Emperor Will Reopen to the Public After 80 Years

The tomb of August is set to reopen in March.

From the Pantheon to the Colosseum, Rome is a city full of fascinating ruins. And soon, there will be one more to add to your bucket list.

According to CNN, the tomb of Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, will reopen to the public after a 13-year restoration. The tomb has been closed to the public, with some brief and sporadic openings, for the last 80 years.

A view of the imposing mausoleum of Augustus, also known as Augusteo
A view of the imposing mausoleum of Augustus, also known as Augusteo, the funerary monument of the emperor Augustus subjected to a long restoration and which is expected to open to the public in March 2021. The mausoleum, built starting from 28 BC. it stood in the northern part of the Campo Marzio and was one of the wonders of Imperial Rome. A few meters away is the Ara Pacis, the altar dedicated to peace erected by Augustus himself in the year 9 BC. On the left the church and the convent of San Rocco all'Agusteo. Getty Images

Augustus (also known as Octavian) was the nephew of Julius Caesar –– who was not named emperor, per se, but rather "dictator for life" before being assassinated. Augustus was named the city's first emperor in 44 BCE and died in 14 CE. His tomb is a fantastic, large, circular mausoleum that has been largely abandoned and left to decay.

The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities spent €10 million ($12 million USD) on the first stage of monument restorations, completed in 2019, while Fondazione TIM (part of Telecom Italia) spent an additional €6 million ($7.3 million USD) on the second stage of interior restorations, CNN reported.

The mausoleum is the largest circular tomb of the ancient world, measuring 90 meters (295 feet) in diameter and 45 meters (147 feet) in height. The tomb is mostly made of brick, but was once covered in marble, according to CNN. Over the course of history, the site has served many different functions aside from being the tomb of Augustus, including a medieval fortress, an amphitheater, a bullfighting and jousting ring, and a concert hall.

The Mausoleo di Augusto will be open to the public on March 1, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, tickets (which will be free) between March 1 and April 21 will be for 50-minute timeslots. After April 22, ticketing will be for sale only. There will also be some virtual reality elements available to the public as well.

For more information or to book in advance, visit the Mausoleo di Augusto website.

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