Let's kick this off by saying that not only is climbing the Golden Gate Bridge dangerous, you can also get in a lot of trouble. So, while we aren't condoning the actions of the two teenage daredevils who took it upon themselves to free-climb all the way to the top in any way, it is pretty impressive (and you haven't even seen the views yet).

According to Vice, two teenagers from Wisconsin — Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector — decided to climb to the top of San Francisco's grand bridge without any sort of safety gear or ropes. After driving off to the side of the road on the Marin Headlands side of the bridge, the duo shimmied up one of the cables anchoring into the shore and continued to tip-toe up and across the bridge's massive metal planks. They didn't just climb; you'll see each one of them hanging off of the bridge, somersaulting, and hopping around in a manner than can only be described as heart-stopping. Check it out above.

While some of the cars passing below may have noticed these free-climbers, authorities weren't aware of the stunt until after the footage was posted online, according to CBS. "The teens managed to spend 10 minutes on the bridge protected by a multi-million-dollar security system approved by Homeland Security," Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District spokeswoman Priya Clemens told the news outlet.

"I don't want to say too much about how we got past security," Teatime said. "In case anyone bad or with bad intentions wants to try this. I will say security is really tough. It's really tight. I have a lot of experience with stuff like this, so I was able to get around and get on the cables."

Teatime told CBS it only took about 10 minutes for them to climb to the top of one of the bridge's towers. But the question remains: Why?

"We did it about a month ago, at the beginning of April," Teatime said. "There was not a lot of thinking — there's the bridge, let's do it."

There you have it, folks.