By Erika Owen
October 05, 2015
Credit: Piotr ilowiecki / Flickr

Giethoorn, Holland is the kind of city that storybook scenes are made of. Here's why: There are no roads. Instead, the entire city is linked by a series of completely adorable waterways. For such a picturesque location, the town of 2,600 sees very little tourism (adding even more to its storybook appeal).

Giethoorn does still have sidewalks, making it easy to take in all of the sights by foot if you're just visiting for the day. That being said, even the mailperson delivers correspondence by boat. The town has been dubbed the "Dutch Venice"—what that means: expect all of the photo ops of a canal city minus the crowds. Check it out below:

Credit: Piotr ilowiecki / Flickr
Credit: Nemodus Photos / Flickr
Credit: Piotr ilowiecki / Flickr
Credit: Berk Knottenbeld / Flickr

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