Bullet Proof Eiffel Tower
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Earlier this month, French newspaper Le Parisien reported that the city of Paris was looking to spend a good chunk of dough (we're talking $22 million) on a glass, bulletproof wall that would surround the Eiffel Tower. The addition is a part of the city's plan to better protect the monument.

In addition to this wall, T+L previously reported that the city plans on dishing out close to $320 million toward renovations on the Eiffel Tower to improve security. Tuesday, mock-ups of what the wall would look like started to surface on Twitter:

The design plans were posted inLe Parisien, to many varying opinions. Some deemed the wall an ugly addition to the area, while others mocked the enormous cost being placed on the wall. Some applauded the attempt to better the area's security.

The wall itself is planned to be eight feet tall, bulletproof, and strong enough to withstand the blow of a vehicle running into it. These specific security features are very likely addressing the 2016 attack in Nice, as well as the deadly incident involving a truck ramming through a Christmas Market in Berlin.

The wall is meant to remain relatively invisible to visitors, only covering the lower base of the tower and its surrounding gardens. It will in no way make it harder for tourists to visit the tower.