You Could Enter a Real-life 'Squid Game' in NYC — and Win a Roundtrip Flight to Korea

No life-or-death stakes here! But those selected will be tested in their skills in Red Light, Green Light and Dalgona honeycomb cookie carving.

Relax, New York City! This version of Squid Game will only be about child's play. Inspired by the record-breaking Netflix series, Korea Tourism Organization's New York office is hosting a Korean tour of New York City with Squid Games, playing traditional kids' games along the way. And don't worry — the only thing on the line here is whether or not you win prizes.

Eighty participants will be chosen to play in the six-hour event starting at noon on Oct. 26, when they'll visit Manhattan's Korean-inspired sites, including the Korean art exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Korean Cultural Center, Times Square Line Friends store, and Koreatown. And it will all be done while dressed in the trademark green tracksuits since every participant will be given a free outfit.

While the first-place winner won't get a life-changing fortune hanging in a piggy bank, they will get a roundtrip flight to Korea. The runner-up will receive an Apple Watch 7, while two other participants will get $50 Amazon gift cards. Various other prizes will also be awarded.

Scene from Netflix's show, Squid Game Season 1 where a main character holds up a cookie
Noh Juhan/Netflix

Along the way, participants will play traditional Korean kids' games seen in the dark series, including Red Light, Green Light; the Dalgona honeycomb cookie challenge; and the Ddakji game (the folded paper tile game that started off Gi-Hun's journey in the show).

Those who are 18 years of age or older with proof of vaccination can register at through Oct. 20. Among the questions on the registration form are whether you've seen the show, what other Korean culture you've enjoyed (K-Beauty, K-Food, K-Pop, or K-Drama), and, of course, which games you'd like to play, with the choices also including tug-of-war, marbles, stepping stones, and the titular squid game.

The chosen ones will find out they've made the cut Oct. 22–23. Everyone who registers also qualifies to win Apple AirPods or one of 10 Amazon gift cards for $20. But no word yet on whether those running the event will be in helmets and pink jumpsuits.

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