The skywalk is 328 feet above the ground.

By Andrea Romano
July 09, 2020

Nothing beats a good view, and this spot in Australia has one of the best.

Kalbarri National Park, located on the Coral Coast of Western Australia, is a big draw for outdoorsy travelers who love a good view of the majestic Australian landscape. According to Lonely Planet, visitors to the park can now enjoy the stunning sight from a skywalk that juts out over a gorge, 100 meters (about 328 feet) above the ground.

The skywalk is located on the West Loop lookout over Murchison River Gorge. It has two viewing points that extend 25 meters (about 82 feet) and 18 meters (about 59 feet) over the edge, so you can truly feel like you’re floating in the sky over the valley, Lonely Planet reported. The skywalk officially opened to visitors this past June.

Designed by architect Craig Poletti of Eastman Poletti Sherwood, the skywalk also features several paths, shelters, and wheelchair-accessibility so everyone can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the gorge, according to Lonely Planet. The project to build the skywalk, which officially started in 2016, was inspired by and focuses on the heritage of the indigenous Nanda people, complete with a welcome sign in the Nanda language and artwork that can be seen along the path.

Rory Chapple, midwest regional operations officer with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, told Lonely Planet, that the artwork was completed by three Nanda artists. “These include tall metal message sticks that create a forest, embellished with traditional drawings; a river design cut into sections of the shelter roofs that project shadows onto the floor and shelter walls; seats carved with bush tucker and native animal designs; and two unique art pieces – The Beemarra and Coming Together – sandblasted into the pathways,” Chapple said.

So, not only can you enjoy some sight-seeing, the skywalk is also a unique way to experience Australian culture.

For more information about Kalbarri National Park, visit Australia’s Coral Coast official website.