You’ll feel like you’re floating above the mountains.

By Jessica Poitevien
September 09, 2020
Credit: Alex Filz

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Stunning views of the Italian Alps that were once reserved for brave hikers can now be enjoyed by all at Iceman Ötzi Peak, a new observation platform located 10,666 feet above sea level.

Local company Noa designed and built the deck with vertical steel slats that allow visitors to step close to the edge for an unobstructed view. Only one area is partially enclosed in glass and juts out from the platform, drawing attention to the spot where Ötzi — the world’s oldest glacier mummy — was discovered. With only a few support beams underneath the steel structure, Iceman Ötzi Peak is also designed to give guests the sensation of floating above the surrounding mountains.

Credit: Alex Filz

The journey to this summit atop the Schnals Valley Glacier ridge begins in Maso Corto. There, you can hop on the cable car for a ride to the mountain station and Glacier Hotel Grawand, the highest hotel in Europe. From that point, a newly installed staircase will guide the way for a safe 10-minute walk up to the viewing platform.

In addition to the mountainous landscape and the “snowfield of the Similaun” where Ötzi was found, visitors can also catch a glimpse of the Giogo Alto Glacier. The watershed that forms the border between Italy and Austria can also be viewed from Iceman Ötzi Peak, as well as the centuries-old path of Transhumance. UNESCO recently listed this path as a World Heritage site for its history as a seasonal migratory route for livestock.

Credit: Alex Filz

Iceman Ötzi Peak is now open and free for visitors. For more information on how to visit this new observation platform, visit the glacier cable car company website.

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