Ireland just opened its longest greenway, giving you miles of unbelievable views to enjoy.
Credit: Courtesy of Patrick Browne

Outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy unparalleled views and 30 miles of greenery along Ireland's longest off-road walking and cycling path, which opened to the public this weekend.

Credit: Courtesy of Patrick Browne
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The Waterford Greenway runs along a former historic railway line and takes travelers between the country’s oldest city, Waterford, and the bustling foodie town of Dungarvan.

It runs along the the former route of the Great Southern and Western Railway line, which, according to the Waterford City and County Council, was considered to be Ireland's most scenic railway route.

The new greenway comes exactly 50 years after the railway stopped carrying passengers (March 25, 1967), allowing visitors to catch magnificent views that range from the glaciated Comeragh Mountains to the volcanic rocks and fossils of the Copper Coast.

The path weaves you through 11 different tree-lined bridges, three different viaducts, and a quarter-mile tunnel, all while you take in a skyline of soaring peaks, cascading waters, and a path lined with greenery.

Credit: Courtesy of Patrick Browne

The railway line also has its own history to offer, including the location where Vikings from Norway first settled into Waterford and viaducts that date back to the 1922 War of Independence.

Costing a total of 15 million euros to create, the new attraction will also become part of the Atlantic Coast Route of EuroVelo, a long-distance cycling network connecting areas in Europe.