By Andrea Romano
April 15, 2019
Getty Images/Robert Harding World Imagery

An iconic London tourist attraction has been restored to its former glory.

The famous Out of Order sculpture by David Mach has been given a fresh paint job, restoring it to its original bright, cherry red hue, the Londonist reported.

The sculpture, comprised of 12 classic, red London phone booths stacked to look as if they’re tumbling on to each other, was originally built in 1989 on Old London Road in Kingston. Since then, tourists have flocked there for the perfect vacation photo, and there are even postcards of the sculpture that people can bring home as souvenirs.

David Parry

You can’t make a phone call from any of the boxes, but they certainly make an impression on passersby.

Of course, over the years, the sculpture’s paint had become faded and peeling, so the local community has stepped in to help. Thanks to the Kingston First business improvement district, Kingston Council and some local companies nearby, the sculpture looks much like it did 30 years ago, Lonely Planet reported.

David Parry

Mach himself was pleased to see the fresh-looking renovation. He told the Londonist, “I'm very happy to see Out of Order being refurbished. It's one of my best outdoor sculptures. I love these boxes and isn't it funny that even in these times and although they were removed from the British landscape, I feel they still bind us as a nation.”

Iconic London phone booths, much like the big red buses, have been a commonly recognized symbol of the city, so the Out of Order sculpture is much more than an art installation — it’s a symbol of London’s heritage.

David Parry

London is known for having a bustling art scene. Modern art sculptures, including one of Jeff Goldbum in character as Dr. Ian Malcom, have gained lots of attention from art fans and tourists looking for something different and quirky to discover while in the city.