Here's How Much It Would Cost to Rent Buckingham Palace

Living like a royal won't come cheap.

Living like a royal doesn't come cheap. Just look at how expensive it is to maintain their homes as the perfect example.

In May, UNCLE, a UK-based rental company, released data analyzing just how much it would cost the average person to rent a royal home. It researched some of the "most famous and recognizable royal residences across the UK, from Buckingham Palace to Balmoral Castle, to uncover how much they might cost to rent each month — "if they were ever to come on the rental market, that is," the company explained.

To come to its conclusion it used the floor plans of properties that are in close proximity to the royal homes to estimate the average rental cost per square meter of those homes to compare to the footprints of royal homes.

To the surprise of no one, UNCLE found Buckingham Palace to be the most expensive royal residence.

Frontal view on Buckingham Palace
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"With 775 rooms and in a central London location, unsurprisingly, Buckingham Palace would be the most expensive royal home to rent per calendar month at £2,550,018 (about $3,596,456)," UNCLE shared. "Built in 1703, The palace is enormous and not only acts as the Queen and Duke's main royal residence, but it's also a hive of activity with so much administration happening behind the scenes."

In distant second is St James's, which would cost £1,734,713 (about $2,445,312) per calendar month. "Even though it is just under a quarter of the size of Buckingham Palace, due to its desirable locality between Mayfair and St James's Park, rental here can be quite pricey per square meter," UNCLE said.

Windsor Castle came in third at just over £1.3million ($1,832,525). Kensington Palace came in fourth place, looking like an absolute steal at £175,697 ($212,176). Want to see how much the rest of the royal family homes would cost you? Check out UNCLE's complete list here.

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