By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
May 08, 2016
F10 Studios ©

You can travel by bus or boat to see Chicago’s incredible architecture, but a couple of businessmen what to give you a birds-eye view. Laurence Geller and Lou Raizin have recently proposed “The Skyline,” a glass cable car that would take riders along the Chicago River from Millennium Park to Michigan Avenue.

"The Skyline is a prime example of how we can move Chicago from old guard to vanguard," said Raizin in a statement. "We kept coming back to the same question: What's our unique feature? Where's our Eiffel Tower? Where's our Big Ben? These ideas are our attempt to answer this question and are intended to start a conversation in the city about what we would like our reputation to be in the future."

The 30-minute ride would let visitors check out the 1,127-foot-tall John Hancock Center and the Marina City towers. The hope is for the modern gondolas to provide an environmentally friendly, car-free way for tourists to see some of the city’s landmarks.

“The Chicago SkyLine could do for Chicago what the London Eye has done for London, and become a very identifiable landmark within the city, driving tourism and prosperity," David Marks, director at Marks Barfield Architects, added.

The cost for a ticket would be $20 and generate revenue with an estimated 1.4 million visitors a year, according to the developers. The project is in the beginning stages, and still needs local approval to move forward.