An Incredible, 590-foot Floating Walkway Is Coming to Quebec — Over One of Canada's Tallest Waterfalls

Did you know Montmorency Falls near Quebec City is taller than Niagara Falls?

Montmorency Falls State Park in Quebec, Canada
Photo: Courtesy of Destination Québec

Mark your calendars for next summer. One of Canada's lesser-known waterfalls recently announced plans to debut a new attraction that brings you even closer to the wild wonder — and you might want to don rain gear, because there's a strong possibility you'll get splashed.

While often in the shadows of Niagara Falls, Montmorency Falls within Parc de la Chute-Montmorency near Quebec City is actually higher than its famous Canadian cousin. Niagara Falls' Canadian Horseshoe Falls flaunts a vertical 188-foot plunge into the Niagara River, this one in Quebec is 272 feet high, dropping from the mouth of the Montmorency River and into the St. Lawrence River.

Once the 590-foot floating walkway — constructed of steel and concrete — opens at the base of the waterfall, this park will feel even more immersive. Despite the walkway being semi-submerged, it's designed to resist water-flow pressure and adjust to the basin's water levels. Multiple options are available for visitors using this walkway, whether it's a brisk walk or enjoying a contemplative lookout.

Reaching the park from Quebec City is easy: It's a 15-minute car ride north and along the east banks of the St. Lawrence River. About 970,000 visitors travel to the park each year. (Fun fact, in the season five finale of The Amazing Race Canada, contestants were tasked with scaling a cargo net suspended over the falls.)

Montmorency Falls State Park in Quebec, Canada
Courtesy of Destination Québec

"The floating walkway will be installed just at the bottom of the falls, in the water, between the west and east path," Brigitte Bouchard, the park's communications and social media advisor, told Travel + Leisure. "The footbridge itself is made of steel and will be stabilized by concrete ballast."

Four sections are folded into the walkway design, intended to be a round-trip circuit, and all on the same level.

Admission to Montmorency Falls State Park is $8.50 for adults ($7.75 for seniors and kids enter for free). There will be no additional fee to use the walkway, and those in wheelchairs or pushing strollers will be able to easily traverse it.

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