By Andrea Romano
March 21, 2019
Natalie Jeffcott / Alamy Stock Photo

There won’t be any "yabba dabba-doos" in our future — at least after this summer.

According to USA Today, the quirky roadside attraction known as Bedrock City will be going away for good after this summer. So, say goodbye to Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, and all your other pre-historic cartoon faves.

Natalie Jeffcott / Alamy Stock Photo

Bedrock City, a send up to the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon, "The Flintstones," has been operated by Linda and her late husband Frank Speckels since 1972, according to radio station KJZZ. The family sold the property to Troy Morris and his business partner Ron Brown back in January, USA Today reported.

Morris and Brown are turning the 30-acre property into a new attraction called Raptor Ranch, but we’re guessing Fred’s old pet Dino isn’t going to be making an appearance there. According to USA Today, Morris breeds falcons and other birds of prey, which he eventually intends to make part of his new attraction.

Bedrock City has kitschy Stone Age themed features like a themed, concrete entertainment complex, statues of the beloved "Flintstones" cartoon characters, and a brontosaurus slide.

Natalie Jeffcott / Alamy Stock Photo

Construction for the new Raptor Ranch could take up to five years, according to USA Today, so this summer may be the last chance in a while that anyone can pass by the area for a quaint roadside experience.

Morris is hoping people will come to see the original Bedrock City one last time and even bring photos of their past visits there for old time’s sake. He plans to renovate the RV park, gift shop and the diner for its farewell season.

Natalie Jeffcott / Alamy Stock Photo

According to USA Today, Morris intends to open Bedrock City around mid to late June.

While some roadside attractions have managed to stay in business over the decades, others have been sold off to new owners, for better or worse. Roadside America in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania, a popular miniature village, as well as the iconic Clown Motel near Las Vegas, were both looking for buyers in 2018.