This Norwegian Zip Line Will Fly You Past Scenic Mountains and Fjords at Over 60 MPH

Norway ZipLine
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Flåm

You can zip-line practically anywhere if you’re a real adventure-seeker. You can zip-line over the Grand Canyon, over Niagara Falls, and now, across the picturesque mountains and fjords of Scandinavia.

According to Culture Trip, the Flåm Zip Line in Norway is officially Scandinavia’s longest zip line. The line descends over 4,530 feet at a speed of 62 mph. For context, the longest zip line in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is in the United Arab Emirates. It’s over 9,290 feet and operated by Toro Verde and Ras al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority.

Norway ZipLine
Courtesy of Visit Flåm

While Flåm is only about half the size of the longest zip line in the world, it’s still a huge achievement for the Nordic region, and an excellent destination for thrill-seekers. It’s located at the end of Aurlandsfjord, where you can gaze at a beautiful landscape full of mountains, valleys and waterfalls, according to Culture Trip.

According to The Local, the ride starts at Vatnahalsen, off the Bergen and Flåm Railway line, and ends in the town of Kårdalen. Once you land (after about a minute), you can visit a local cheese farm nearby, Culture Trip reported.

“It will be fun to see the response, But we need to be a but patient, because not so many people know about it yet,” said Pål Mikkel Dalsbotten, a local goat farmer who invested one million Norwegian kroner ($100,000) to make the zip line a reality, told NRK when the project took off. "But in the long run, we believe it will be good. We think a lot of people will want to try it.”

And it looks like his investment is paying off, as people are starting to flock to the very scenic ride, which officially opened in August to excited zip-liners taking the very first "flights."

The zip line operates every day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. More information can be found on the Flåm Zipline website.

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