StubHub has released a tool to make an international event bucket list.
Credit: David Pereiras/Getty Images

Traveling abroad doesn’t only mean sightseeing.

More and more, international travel means experiencing everything a destination has to offer — beyond the most noted attractions listed in every guidebook. While most travelers will want to enjoy the cuisine and top sightseeing spots, they also want to do the fun activities that locals do, like live events that you can’t see anywhere else.

With that in mind, online ticket exchange StubHub on Monday released a list of top international music and sports “bucket list” events throughout the summer in Americans' 17 most-visited countries, so it’s easier for travelers to find the best things to do while they’re on vacation.

The “17 in 17” tool helps you build personalized live event experiences in those popular destinations, including the U.K., Spain, Mexico, Thailand and more. After selecting their country of origin and preference for music or sports events (or both), users will receive an itinerary outlining the top events.

Stubhub's international event bucket list.
Credit: Courtesy of StubHub

From there, users can tailor the itinerary to even more specific music or sports preferences.

“Attending a one of a kind music festival, local sporting match or cultural unique festival offers a unique way to experience a new destination like a local, with locals,” Jessica Erskine, StubHub's head of entertainment communications, said in a statement.

Events include the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Super Copa between Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, and the 2017 Grand Sumo tournament in Japan.