Send in a photo of you and your "breadstick bae" for totally custom prom pic.

By Stacey Leasca
April 21, 2020
Olive Garden Creates Prom Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Olive Garden

The spread of the coronavirus brought everyone’s daily lives to a halt. For many, this means changing up grocery store routines, working from home, and avoiding crowds. But, for a specific demographic of young people, it also means missing out on a very important rite of passage: Prom.

High school seniors across the nation are sadly having to forgo the one evening they can dress up like royalty and dance the night away. However, the Olive Garden, which dubbed itself the “unofficial sponsor of pre-prom dinner,” at least wants to help deliver on some prom-worthy memories.

“Olive Garden wants to help students commemorate their 2020 prom season by creating custom prom photos of them with their dates and their friends,” the restaurant explained in a statement. “With photo backdrops inspired by popular prom themes and featuring Breadstick walls and mint garlands, it will look just like they were attending prom together.”

Olive Garden Creates Prom Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Olive Garden

Don’t worry if you've already graduated, Olive Garden is letting you get in on the nostalgic fun too.

Participating is simple:

  • Take a photo in your prom attire, and ask your prom date or squad to do the same.
  • Send the photos to @olivegarden using #OliveGardenProm on Twitter or through an Instagram DM, and Olive Garden will create a one-of-a-kind photo of all of you together at prom.
  • Olive Garden will be creating custom prom photos through the end of the month.

But wait, there’s more.

To complete the prom vibes at home Olive Garden also created some downloadable templates for pasta-themed Prom Court Crowns and a line of Prom Breadstick Bouquet wrappers. Bouquets include sayings like “Breadstick Bae,” “Prince of Parmesan,” and “Most Saucy.” Fill them with homemade bread or just order up a few dozen breadsticks using Olive Garden Carside ToGo or delivery. Then, place them in your Prom Breadstick Bouquet wrappers to add to your carb-filled prom night. Now all that’s left to do is turn up the music and dance so late that you forget your curfew.

Olive Garden Creates Prom Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Olive Garden