Reykjavik’s Secret Solstice Festival features everything from gourmet food to a concert in a volcano, and for a cool $1 million, you can do it all.

By Melissa Locker
April 10, 2016
Secret Solstice Music Festival 2014
Credit: Redferns via Getty Images

So what exactly does a $1 million music festival ticket get you?

In the case of Reykjavik’s Secret Solstice Festival, your adventure begins with a private jet for you and five of your friends from any destination on Earth. Once in Iceland, your personal driver takes you to a six-room villa that you and your friends will call home for the next seven days. Included in the accommodations: a 24/7 personal assistant, a personal chef to cook up an Icelandic feast, and a private concert just for you.

At the festival, your ticket (hand engraved on Icelandic lava rock, naturally) will give you access to several VIP experiences. You’ll get to watch bands like Radiohead and Of Monsters and Men from a private viewing area on the side of the stage, have the chance to run into Thom Yorke at the artists-only bar, gorge yourself on premium food and drink, and even have access to those enticing off-limits areas of the festival site (with a chaperone, but still!). And if you’d like to meet any of the artists playing the festival, all you have to do is ask.

The price will also get you tickets to two of the most exclusive shows in the world—the world’s first concert inside a volcano and Inside the Glacier, a sold-out party buried under Langjökull glacier.

The golden ticket will also let you explore Iceland from air, ground, and sea. There’s a Secret Solstice 2016’s Midnight Sun Boat Party, private helicopter, and airplane tours of Iceland’s natural wonders, a private concert in a lava field, a glacier walk, a snowmobile ride, a private whale and dolphin watching tour, and anything else your heart desires, but can you actually think of anything else?

Oh, right. No trip to Iceland is complete without a dip in a geothermal pool. Ticketholders will also get the world famous Blue Lagoon to themselves for a night of skinny-dipping in the rejuvenating waters.

This isn’t the first time that the Secret Solstice Festival has vied for the title of most expensive festival ticket on Earth. In 2015 they offered a $200,000 festival ticket for two people. It’s hard to imagine how they will top this next year.

Secret Solstice Festival runs from June 16 to June 19 in Reykjavik.