By Andrea Romano
July 27, 2017

Always count on a little help from your friends. Or bros, rather.

Twenty-year-old Owen Wilson-Brown, from the U.K., was partying hard with his friends at Spanish music festival Benicassim when he fell asleep on the beach and subsequently had all his possessions, save for the clothes on his back, stolen.

His ID, his phone, cash and bank cards — basically everything in his wallet — were gone.

Wilson-Brown and his friends searched the beach for a short while, but obviously, his belongings were long gone.

“We searched the beach for a short while after waking up but assumed we’d be looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s assuming it was even on the beach. If it was stolen it was probably elsewhere,” Wilson-Brown told The Metro.


Luckily, even without a photo ID or cash, he managed to have a good time for the rest of the festival.

When Wilson-Brown got home, he set about replacing his lost items, including buying a new ID and waiting for the replacement to come in the mail.

One day, a letter had indeed arrived with an ID, but it wasn’t the replacement he had expected. Instead, it was his long-lost ID, accompanied by a hilarious letter from one bro to another.

“Dear Owen Wilson-Brown,” the letter began: “Myself and several of my peers visited the well known Spanish festival ‘Bennicassim’ last week. Among all of the beers, bands and portaloos I happened to find your UK driving licence. I can only assume that you ... got absolutely sh*tfaced to Kasabian and lost many things, including your head, dignity and indeed identification.”

The letter continued: “Well luckily for yourself it fell into my possession and as a self-proclaimed Samaritan of “the sesh” I thought it would only be best to take this ID under my wing and deliver it back to you in the UK. ... Yours sincerely, The Milkman.”

Now that Wilson-Brown has two IDs, he at least has a backup in case he falls asleep on the beach again. Though, he’s not planning on doing that anytime soon.

“I’ll be trying to take better care of it,” he told The Metro.