The new lights, some featuring same-sex couples, will be permanent.
Madrid Street Lights for Pride
Credit: Getty Images

In the lead-up to the World Pride Festival at the end of this month, Madrid will install new pedestrian traffic lights depicting same-sex couples.

At 72 different intersections in the Spanish capital, pedestrians will see an image of same-sex couples holding hands with a heart between them. The signals will change from red to green to indicate when it’s time to cross the street.

The new lights will remain in operation permanently, even after the festival ends, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

The replacement process only requires workers to change the lenses on the traffic lights. Of the 288 new lenses, there are also images of a man and a woman holding hands and just a woman alone. Some of the changed lights are already in operation in the city center.

Madrid’s city government is also considering replacing the black-and-white street crossing lanes with rainbow stripes for the festival, according to The Local Spain.

The World Pride Festival will take place in Madrid from June 23 through July 2. The festival will feature outdoor concerts, a parade and a high heel shoes race, all in Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood. The city is expecting more than 3 million people to visit for the celebrations this year.