Get ready for the purr-fect summer festival.

According to The Metro, every cat lover’s dream festival is coming to London in June 2019. CatFest, a feline extravaganza filled with tons of cat-themed exhibitions and entertainment will be celebrated at Beckenham Place Mansion on June 29.

The festival is an intersection of cats and pop culture, with live music, film screenings, art shows, cat themed cocktails and vegan street food, lots of cat-related and cat-themed gifts for sale, and even some meet-and-greets with celebrity cats.

Credit: Akimasa Harada/Getty Images

Famous cats in attendance are not listed on the website, but The Metro reported feline model Starina, Katzenworld blog cats Rene and Freya, and Elliot the Warehouse cat will be there. A CatFest representative told Travel + Leisure that street cat Bob will be there, and Sunglass Cat is coming in from Los Angeles.

Some human celebrities are also slated to attend, according to The Metro, including Celia Haddon, author of “Cats Behaving Badly,” animal advocate Shawn Simon, and star of the BBC’s “Big Cats About the House,” Giles Clark.

According to The Evening Standard, this will be the second year the feline festival has come to London. This year, proceeds from the event will go to Erham Rescue in Morocco and other charities that help support cats.

CatFest's onsite adoption lounge, the Meow Parlour, will be hosting an adoption event benefiting the charities during the festival as well, for anyone looking to take home an adorable ball of fur.

There are many places around the world for cat lovers to express their love of felines, beyond London as well. For instance, there’s a Hawaiian island where you can play with cats to your heart’s content.

Of course, not all of these cat friendly places are in a mansion in Southeast London.

Unfortunately, tickets to the event are sold out. There are, however, some tickets available the movies “Roar” and “Kedi.” For more information, check out the CatFest website or go to Eventbrite.

Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the event is sold out.