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David Bowie Festival
Credit: Auscape/UIG via Getty Images

The small town of Carinda, in New South Wales, Australia, is commemorating the late David Bowie with a festival that features red shoes and a full music video re-enactment.

How does a tiny outback town in rural Australia tie in to David Bowie, you may ask? The musician filmed the majority of his video for “Let's Dance” in Carinda.

The town refers to many of its landmarks after the singer. While Bowie super fans have been known to travel to the area, Carinda has been suffering from droughts and a decreasing population. The hope is that Let's Dance Carinda will bring back some excitement to the area.

Attendees are planning on paint their shoes red—a tribute to the song's lyrics (“Let's dance / Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”)—and hosting a full recreation of the music video that put them on Bowie fans' radar.

Sound like something you'd be into? Check out the Let's Dance Carinda Facebook page for more information.