Disney Frozen
Credit: Meaghan Kelly

The good news is that Froze Ever After ride at the Epcot Center in Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort is now open. The bad news is that yesterday the line was 300 minutes long, which undoubtedly feels like for ever (after).

Line watchers posted pictures on social media showing Disney employees holding up helpful warnings that the wait time to give Elsa’s frozen wonderland a whirl was (again—let it sink in) 300 minutes long. Meaning you could watch Frozen almost three times before you ever step foot on the ride. While Elsa-obsessed children might be tempted to give it a try, parents are probably wishing they could convince their children to “Let it Go” or tempted them with another activity. (“Do you want to build a snowman?” perhaps?)

The extended wait time was partially due to overwhelming interest in the new attraction, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, the ride also experienced some technical difficulties and was shut down temporarily for repairs. That translated into very long lines for guests eager to try the ride—and that meant waiting in the sun.

While temperatures in Orlando are topping 90 degrees, Disney is making sure everyone stays as cool as Olaf the Snowman as they wait up to five hours in line. According to Yahoo, Disney has set up water stations throughout the line, and Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are being doled out to patient riders.

Early reports of the new ride, which is located in Epcot’s appropriately wintery Norway Pavilion, say that the wait is almost worth it. (Although is anything save for a life raft off the Titanic truly worth spending five hours in line?). In addition to the ride through movie memory lane with indoor snowfalls, trolls, and singing snowmen, the original cast from the film—Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad—recorded new music for the experience, as Bell hinted back in March.

For those unwilling to brave the Orlando sun to take a ride through a winter wonderland, consider watching the ride on a video instead.