This New Multisensory Art Exhibit Will Transport You to Outer Space

It’s (quite literally) out of this world.

Interior of Meow Wolf Denver
Photo: Kate Russell/Courtesy of Meow Wolf

Immersive exhibitions seem to be all the rage right now. From Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel in St. Louis, Missouri, to the Biltmore Estate's multisensory art series featuring works by artists like Van Gogh and Monet, artistic immersion is popping up across the country. And Denver is the latest city to add an interactive installation that allows you to explore art through all of your senses.

Conceived by award-winning Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf, "Convergence Station" will feature a whopping 79 immersive interactive exhibits spanning four stories. It is the company's third and most ambitious project to date, for which it collaborated with more than 300 artists over the course of three years.

The exhibition will transport visitors to a new reality of kaleidoscopic cathedrals, Corinthian catacombs, alien habitats, and otherworldly cityscapes.

Interior of Meow Wolf Denver
Kate Russell/Courtesy of Meow Wolf

"The narrative of 'Convergence Station' is of four disparate, alien worlds mysteriously converged together by a rare cosmic event, and having to create a new life together," Chadney Everett, senior creative director of Meow Wolf Denver, told Travel+Leisure. "Some of them are happy to have found this new community, while others long to go back to their homes. This story of immigration was inspired by a desire to reflect the neighborhood our exhibit lives in — Sun Valley — which is among the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, with many first-generation immigrants."

In this parallel world Everett describes, memories serve as currency and are the key to unlocking a mystery — the disappearance of four women. Multimedia clues will lead visitors on a mind-bending journey of interplanetary exploration.

Muralists, sculptors, fiber artists, and technologists have helped create this multisensory (and Instagram-worthy) installation that's meant to challenge guests as they venture into the artistic unknown.

"We believe that the scale of it, and artistry, and technologies are going to set a new standard for large-scale immersive art in the world," added Everett.

"Convergence Station" opens on September 17. Tickets are now available for pre-purchase and visitors are required to pre-book a time slot for entry.

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