The Colosseum at night.
Credit: Getty Images

Rome is no stranger to tourists' antics.

But a recent incident at the Colosseum has Italians questioning security at major sites in the country.

Two German tourists scaled the Colosseum under the cover of night and explored the monument, according to The Local. In a video uploaded to YouTube in late May, the tourists are seen illegally scaling the nearly 160-foot walls of the 1,900-year-old Colosseum and wandering around late at night—all without ever being caught by security.

The tourists were part of an “urban exploration group” called Visual Enemies, which pairs “athletes and cinematographers” to create “extreme perspectives and stunning views” by scaling historic architecture throughout Europe.

While getting a glimpse of the empty Colosseum at night is undoubtedly cool, it is also very illegal. And it raises big questions about Italy’s security. After multiple terrorist attacks in France and Germany, the country is currently at a terror level two—the highest security level possible without a direct attack.

After Visual Enemies made headlines with their nocturnal stunt, Italians began responding on Twitter. One wrote “What security! ... Anti-terrorism? Hahaha! Give us a break.”

Another responded to an article in La Repubblica, “This wouldn’t happen on Brandenburg Gate. Why? Because the police would come and arrest them two minutes later. In Rome? The police?”