Glass sky walk at Tianmenshan Mountain in China
Credit: Denis Kartavenko/Getty Images

Next time you attempt to do anything even a little bit frightening, make sure to bring along a 3-year-old for emotional support.

In a new, slightly terrifying video, a grown adult man appears to be suffering from a severe case of vertigo while attempting to walk across the glass path attraction at Wanshan National Park in China.

The bridge, which measures 213 feet long and sits 330 feet up the mountainside, according to Metro UK, apparently caused the man to collapse on the side of the walkway out of fear before his tiny companion came to his rescue. In the video, fellow hikers can be heard snickering and laughing at the man as the 3-year-old child attempts to coax him off the cliffside by yelling, “Let go!” over and over again.

The video has reportedly been making the rounds across Chinese social media outlets, with fans enjoying a hearty belly laugh at the man’s painful expense.

This isn’t the first time a tourist has experienced a complete meltdown on this particular glass bridge. In May 2016, another video emerged of an equally petrified traveler crawling along the bridge as tears ran down his cheeks. In that video, the man could be heard yelling, “I won't lie again” and “Get out of my way, wife.”

This latest video abruptly ends while the boy is still dragging his elder counterpart down the path. However, by the sounds of joyous laughter from the other adult onlookers, we can only assume it all ended well.