China has a new glass bridge, and it’s not for the faint of heart.


China is back with another glass bridge, adding to its collection of soaring pathways where travelers can gaze at cascading views below them.

The new bridge, which opened to the public in February, is located on Mount Langya in the Hebei province and takes you up a whopping 1,476 feet above a gorge, according to Mashable. The see-through bridge leads you to a circular observation deck, where you can take in the surrounding cliffs and architecture.

Since Mount Langya is one of China’s national forest conservation areas, visitors will be treated to mountain views, while a cave located about half an hour up the mountain is filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and dripping rock formations, according to, the authorized government portal site to China.

The country is also home to the world’s longest and highest glass bridge, a 1,410-foot-long walkway that crosses over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area of China’s Hunan Province.