Slot machines, poker, black jack, roulette—gambling is synonymous with casinos. But the fun isn’t always about the gaming: at the world’s top casinos, there’s a variety of entertainment at hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, the modern casino is a perfect blend of indulgence and high-society glamour. And there’s eye candy aplenty: neon signs, flashy art displays, and innovative design all contribute to the sense of grandeur. Plan on spending a few hours in the world’s best casinos on your next trip to witness the thrill for yourself.Casino perksModern casinos are continually innovating and upgrading their facilities to provide a vast array of enticing amenities. Features like planetarium domes, specially commissioned LCD art displays, and, of course, fantastic shopping malls are among the highlights of the world’s greatest casinos. Even the games themselves are getting the high-design treatment at new developments worldwide, from state-of-the-art touchscreen slot machines to virtual poker. Not to mention, there’s fun to be had with the whole family: 15,000-seat sports arenas, 18-hole golf courses, and 3-D movie theaters can also be found on casino properties. Seeking something less fancy and more traditional? Browse our stories on the best downtown casinos for locals, where the time-honored appeal of a table game trumps newfound tech gimmicks.Spend the nightLet loose for a weekend and stay at a top-rated casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Palm Springs. The landmark gaming complexes in these locations offer the complete experience, with newly renovated suites and 24-hour butler service. Downstairs, you can start your evening with a delicious steak or sushi dinner, followed by artisan cocktails and a burlesque show, before laying down your chips. Traditional casinos are even evolving in exciting ways with new customizable wellness offerings. Prefer an air-purified room? Want a soak in a mineral hot spring? Seeking a day pass to the spa, complete with a Turkish hammam and rooftop pool? Travel + Leisure visits casinos around the world to find the most unique attractions, editing the information down into detailed guides to help you plan your next trip.