There's a new single-rail coaster that brings riders through 4,600 feet of stunning nature.

By Erika Owen
April 07, 2016

Roller coasters are great, but for the majority of them, the scenery is nothing to write home about. That being said, flying above lines of people waiting for a seat on said coaster is still incredibly fun. A new attraction at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in Canada is bringing visitors through the surrounding forest and glades on a single-rail ride.


The coaster itself—which officially opens to the public on May 21st—reaches a speed of 27 mph and takes riders over 4,600 feet (just under a mile), including a 915-foot vertical drop. The cost for such an experience will run you $19. The best part: for the majority of the ride, there's not another person in sight. Check it out:

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