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Bookshop where you scream
Credit: Getty Images/Hero Images

A bookshop and cafe in Egypt wants to help you get rid of some stress at its new Scream Room, where you can holler to your heart's content.

Bab Aldonia in Cairo, Egypt, offers customers free entry to its Scream Room, where they can scream as loud as they'd like in a completely private room for 10 minutes.

Don't worry: the room is soundproofed and comes equipped with a set of drums to help block out noise, giving people a safe space to freely shout where no one can hear or see them.

Bookshop where you scream

Customers will need to leave their phones before entering the room and can only go in one at a time. "I entered it at a time when I was really stressed and came out much more relaxed," a visitor, Mohamed el-Debabby told Reuters of the experience. "I was able to find solutions to the problem I was facing; those realizations came as I was screaming," he said.

The shop’s owner, Abdel Rahman Saad, also told Reuters he believes the room is the first of its kind in the Middle East. He shared in an interview with the Huffington Post that the space will be open to all, “because everyone is suffering from pressures in life."