You Can Rent an Entire English Castle and Live Out Your Meghan Markle Dreams for Under $500 a Night

We'll never be royals... but thanks to HomeAway, you can pretend to be.

Enchanting Grade II 18th Century Bailey Castle TOUT
Photo: Courtesy of Home Away

While most of us will never live as kings and queens do in lavish castles like the Palace of Versailles or Arendelle, it is possible to get a taste of the royal life during your next vacation — for a few days, anyway. Thanks to the vacation rental booking site HomeAway, you can actually book your very own castle during your next holiday in England.

And before you start to fear that seeing photos of the place will make you max out your credit card to rent it, don't worry. The average cost of the property, called Tawstock Castle, is about $476 a night.

No, that's not a typo: Your very own castle in England for under $500 a night.

Enchanting Grade II 18th Century Bailey Castle
Courtesy of Home Away

Even better is that Tawstock Castle sleeps eight people, so if you get seven of your friends in on this vacation, it's only going to average out to about $60 per person per night. There's a two night minimum, so double that — $120 per person for two nights — and that's still not much to pay when you consider that you will be staying in an actual castle.

Situated in the Devon, UK countryside village of Tawstock, the 18th-century castle is the last of its kind to have been built in England, according to the listing on HomeAway. Interior-wise, the castle is far from the 18th century, though: It's as modern as can be with fully updated living and TV areas, a remodeled kitchen, and bedrooms with ensuite facilities. There's even a foosball table, in case that's how you like to spend your time in your castles. (I don't know, is foosball the game of choice in castle life? I am but a mere peasant!)

Two lookout towers that were constructed for the original owner, Tawstock's very own Lord Wrey, are now used as two of the four bedrooms, and the property is surrounded by a castle wall (how fancy!). What's more, guests can enjoy a one-acre lawn and a rooftop terrace that displays amazing views of the English countryside.

Enchanting Grade II 18th Century Bailey Castle
Courtesy of Home Away

To book:, $476/night

To book Tawstock Castle, simply head to HomeAway here and sign up for an account. Then pack your favorite fascinator and get ready to live your best royal life.

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