This Is the Most Photographed Pool in the World — and It’s Easy to See Why (Video)

Bondi Icebergs is a stunning ocean pool in Australia.

When it comes to stunning pools around the world we here at Travel + Leisure have seen and swam in them all. But, there’s one pool that still takes our breath away each and every time we see it: Bondi Icebergs. And the best part is, it’s not walled off behind a fancy hotel. Instead, it’s open to the public all year long.

Waves crashing on Bondi Beach Iceberg Pool
Oliver Strewe / Getty Images
Aerial view of Iceberg Pool Club, Bondi Beach, Australia
James Phillips / 500px / Getty Images
Top view of Iceberg Pool in Bondi Beach
Oliver Strewe / Getty Images

For more than 100 years, the pool, located along the shore of Bondi Beach in Australia, has been open to the public for all to enjoy. It’s got both historical landmark status, as well as plenty of social media credit. In fact, according to Swim the World, it’s the most photographed swimming pool on earth.

Though the pools are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, they will one day return to normal activities. And when they do travelers can plan a visit for just a few bucks.

When the pools opens again, adults can enter for just $9. Children under 12 are welcome for $6, while senior card holders can enter for $6 as well.

Families with two adults and up to three children can also enter using the $25 group rate. Then, everyone can upgrade with a locker for $3, a towel for $4, and even hire a “learn to swim spectator” for just $5.

While visiting, guests may even catch a glimpse of a few members of the Bondi Iceberg Swimclub, a swim club that was formed by a group of life savers way back in 1929.

Bondi Beach Iceberg Pool with crashing waves and ocean
moisseyev / Getty Images

“Since its beginning back in 1929, the Club has forged a reputation as one of Australia’s most famous Winter Swimming Clubs,” the pool’s website explains. “We could not have reached where we are today without the support of all the members who have been involved with this great Australian swimming club.”

Beyond taking a dip, guests can also dine at the cafe bistro, warm up in the sauna, or just lounge by the pool. And, those willing can even join the famed swim club if they meet a few easy requirements. That way, you can become a part of swimming history too.

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