Bounce into 839 feet of fun.

The Beast, the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course at a whopping 839 feet in length, will make all of your childhood dreams come true.

Credit: Courtesy of V-Formation

Created by V-Formation, a Belgian company that specializes in custom-made inflatables for adults, the massive bouncy house is made up of 32 different pieces that can be assembled to your liking.

Parts range from inflatable walls and rings to giant bouncy balls and nets you’ll have to run through.

Credit: Courtesy of V-Formation

V-Formation created the obstacle course as a way to allow adults to “relive their teenage years again” and to test their agility, the company states on its website, though children are also invited to enjoy the course.

Credit: Courtesy of V-Formation

To put its massive size into perspective, the course spans a space that’s larger than two football fields and is made up of 2 million liters (or 528,000 gallons) of air.

In total, it weighs some 12,000 pounds.

The Beast is currently based in Belgium and travels the globe to cater to events like festivals, fundraisers, family outings, and corporate activities, and is already booked to travel to seven different countries this year.

Credit: Courtesy of V-Formation

So far, the course is confirmed to be traveling to Kent, in the United Kingdom, twice this year: April 29-30 for the Extreme Festival at the Groombridge Palace Estates, and May 26-29 at Betteshanger Country Park.

Those who are interested can also reach out to the company and inquire about booking the course for an event.