Walk Into Barbie's World With This New Immersive Attraction Coming to Cities Across the U.S. This Summer

Barbie fans can hang out in Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse, her camper van, and more with this new interactive attraction.

Barbie's Dreamhouse and Spaceship
Photo: Courtesy of Kilburn Live

Barbie fans across the United States and Canada can be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world when they step into a new immersive attraction starting this summer, organizers shared with Travel + Leisure.

The World of Barbie attraction, which will first launch in Toronto, will allow Barbie fans to walk right into the iconic Malibu Dreamhouse — complete with a pink carpet, a terrazzo-inspired fireplace, and a giant outdoor boombox — as well as hang out in a life-sized Camper Van and visit several other interactive rooms in Barbie's neighborhood.

Barbie's Dreamhouse and Spaceship
Courtesy of Kilburn Live

"With this exquisitely designed attraction we were intentional about delivering an exciting experience that would leave younger fans with the sense that they could do anything or be anything," Julie Freeland, the senior director of location-based entertainment at Mattel, said in a statement provided to T+L. "And, for those who grew up with Barbie, we wanted to spark a little bit of nostalgia, give these fans a chance to step back, re-invent themselves, if only for an afternoon, and spend a day in the Dream Life!"

After leaving Toronto, the World Of Barbie will head to several cities across the U.S. like New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, according to entertainment company Kilburn Live, which is partnering with Mattel, Inc. to bring the attraction to life.

Barbie's Dreamhouse and Spaceship
Courtesy of Kilburn Live

Visitors will also be able to imagine what it's like to be Barbie thanks to six oversized iconic Barbie boxes (after all, life in plastic, it's fantastic). The boxes include a travel theme with binoculars, a compass, and a map of the world; as well as a red carpet theme with Oscar award cutouts, a fabulous gown, and a velvet rope.

And for those who hate being grounded, Barbie's space shuttle is ready to bring travelers up, up and away where they can "interact" with mission control, track objects on radar, and even listen to the sounds of space.

In addition to the endless Instagram opportunities, the attraction will feature a Barbie café where visitors will be able to grab a bite to eat.

"Barbie is as relevant today as she was when she was first introduced to the world 63 years ago, if not more," Kilburn CEO Mark Manuel said in the statement. "I watched my daughter live and play in her world, I believe it helped shape her sharp and lively imagination, just like it has for millions of other children growing up. So there were a lot of reasons we needed to get this right."

Tickets for the Toronto attraction go on sale online on May 21.

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