Azure Window
Credit: Michael Runkel/Robert Harding/Getty Images

On the western end of the Mediterranean island of Gozo, tourists flock to visit one of Malta’s most famous landmarks: the Azure Window. The limestone archway, which stands 92 feet tall, was made famous by several appearances in movies and TV shows.

There’s just one problem. The Azure Window is no longer there.

The rock structure collapsed back in March after heavy rains and storms — but that hasn’t stopped certain guides from taking tourists to the former site. Those tourists are now leaving one-star reviews for the attraction on TripAdvisor.

“This past winter, apparently the window collapsed, leaving only part of the rock formation behind,” one reviewer wrote. “It was interesting to see how nature takes back its creations, but disappointing to arrive and see it was no longer there.”

“Can't really give an excellent score to something that no longer exists,” wrote another reviewer. “Went to where it was but there are few other attractions other than the sea.”

“WHAT A WASTE OF TIME,” wrote a third. “The Fungus Rock is just a rock.”

The website now has a warning at the top of the page, informing visitors that “the geologic formation known as Azure Window has fallen into the sea. Please keep this in mind when visiting this area.”

The limestone archway was one of Gozo’s major draws. It was a famous place for cliff jumping and it had once been featured on an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

The Maltese Tourism Board is quick to point out that there are other draws to the island. Visitors to Gozo can still see the Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which precedes the Egyptian Pyramids as one of the oldest free standing monuments in the world. There’s also a medieval citadel and Gozo’s “other” arch, the Wied il-Mielah Window, which some visitors consider just as impressive as the Azure Window — despite much lower visitation rates.