There's no age limit, so get excited.

By Cailey Rizzo
August 08, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Big Bounce America

The world’s largest bounce house is touring the United States and bringing shame to every kid’s backyard birthday party.

Within the 10,000-square-foot, brightly-hued bouncy castle, there’s an obstacle course, basketball hoops, an inflatable forest, a ball pit, and even a private foam VIP section.

Credit: Courtesy of Big Bounce America

It took over two years of research and development to bring the gigantic bounce house to fruition, the project’s founders told local news station KHON in Milwaukee. It was constructed by two men from Scotland with a dream to build a bounce house so gigantic that people “would travel from far and wide to marvel at its awesomeness.”

Credit: Courtesy of Big Bounce America

Now when it’s set up, the massive structure needs 28 blowers to stay inflated. It comes in five separate pieces which crews must assemble and take apart like a giant jigsaw puzzle every time they change location.

Credit: Courtesy of Big Bounce America

A day at Big Bounce can be as high or low energy as visitors wish. While some may prefer to run around, others can kick back in the inflatable beds and sofas while just observing the craziness. In the center of it all, there’s a DJ and MC who provide the soundtrack to the whole affair.

There is no age limit to the bounce house, although children younger than five must be accompanied by an adult.

The bounce house has pop-ups throughout the country scheduled through November. Ticket prices vary based on location, time, and package purchased.