This Canadian Theme Park Just Opened the World's Longest, Fastest, and Tallest Dive Coaster

Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland
Photo: Courtesy of Canada's Wonderland

Attention adrenaline junkies: There’s a new roller coaster in Canada that’s made just for you.

This week, Canada’s Wonderland theme park, located in Vaughan, Ontario, unveiled its Yukon Striker roller coaster ride. Though, this isn’t any old up-and-down coaster. Rather, it’s the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in the world.

Seriously, if you have a weak stomach, this roller coaster is not for you. As HuffPost noted, it hits speeds of 80 mph, stretches for a staggering 3,625 feet, and soars to 245 feet high. It even includes an underground section as well as four inversions as part of the 3-minute, 25-second ride.

“At its summit, you’ll experience three seconds of complete exhilaration as you stare directly down 245 feet at 90 degrees into an underwater tunnel,” Norm Pirtovshek, general manager of Canada’s Wonderland, said in a press release.

To add to the rush, Pirtovshek noted, the roller coaster also comes with floorless trains, meaning your feet dangle from the car as you fly through the air. And, this coaster comes with a truly fantastic backstory courtesy of Canada’s Wonderland.

“It’s 1897 and a flood of men and women are venturing into the untamed wilderness of northwestern Canada, fueled by little more than [rumor] of limitless gold. The headwaters of the Yukon spread beyond an unforgiving landscape, tempting newcomers with the promise of riches that lay buried in ice-cold river beds throughout the Klondike,” the site said of the coaster’s origins.

“Most prospectors are doomed to fail. The journey is treacherous along the Chilkoot Trail, a steep and punishing climb high into the coastal mountain range. The seasons are extreme and the backcountry, for all its raw beauty, is unyielding. Among the lawless boom towns and outposts, only a few will succeed in this quest for glory. A Golden Eagle soars high on the winds watching the perilous hunt. Who will endure the longest journey? Who will conquer the tallest mountain pass, the treacherous terrain and rise worthy of the name YUKON STRIKER….”

Though this roller coaster is certainly dramatic, HuffPost importantly noted that it’s the fastest, longest, and tallest dive roller coaster in the world, not the fastest, longest, or tallest overall. Those superlatives instead belong to Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan, and Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, respectively, according to HuffPost.

But, what sets dive roller coasters apart is their dramatic, gut-churning drops. According to Coaster Critic, in order to qualify as a dive roller coaster it must come with a drop of 90-degrees or nearly 90-degrees. Thankfully, the Yukon Striker has just that.

Think your brave enough? Well, go ahead, the coaster is now open. We’ll be waiting for you at the bottom.

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