Entrance to Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Orlando
Credit: Courtesy of Universal Studios

Halloween Horror Nights is known for being the most extreme theme park event in the country. For the past 27 years, bloodied creatures and “scare actors” have given guests up-close frights in walk-through zones and haunted houses each fall at Universal Orlando Resort, allowing them to see the bloody elevator scene from "The Shining" or the demonic drama from "American Horror Story" play out in real life.

The haunting after-hours event has always garnered massive crowds, but if you’re not quite game for handling extreme terror at the fright-filled party, there’s a secret, fear-free way to enjoy it all.

On Universal Orlando’s Behind The Screams: Unmasking The Horror Tour, guests are taken inside the same Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses known to cause blood-curdling screams — but during the daytime. The lights are up, the scare actors are gone, and the crowds are non-existent, allowing fraidy cats to experience the artistry of sets and scenes without the added madness Halloween Horror Nights typically brings.

Here, there’s no need to wait in an hour-long line just to rush through in fear, or to miss the incredibly detailed props while your eyes are closed.

It’s not completely tame, however, as this separate ticketed tour of the freaky sets from Universal’s annual event takes you even closer to the frights and is still only recommended for guests older than 13 years of age. (Cry babies are allowed.) The park tour is offered on select mornings and afternoons in September, October, and November with two different versions: a three-house tour starts at $79.99 per person, while a six-house tour starts at $129.99 per person, tax not included.

It’s a completely different experience from Halloween Horror Nights, but one that’ll easily prepare a nervous attendee for what to expect. Once you’re familiar with the details, design, and devilish frights when the sun’s out, standing inside the most horrific scenes from "Saw" at night will be, well, a little less scary.