The record-breaking ride opens next year.

There’s a new record-breaking rollercoaster attraction opening next spring — and you can find it outside Branson, Missouri.

Silver Dollar City, an 1880s-inspired theme park in the Ozark Mountains, recently unveiled details for Time Traveler, which will be the world’s fastest, steepest, and tallest spinning rollercoaster.

time traveler ride drop
Credit: Courtesy of Silver Dollar City

Like traditional spinning coasters, Time Traveler will have cars that rotate on a vertical axis — but it will be the first of its kind to include a series of different inversions, sending riders flipping three times on a dive loop, a zero g-roll, and vertical loop that goes as high as 95 feet.

time traveler ride vertical loop
Credit: Courtesy of Silver Dollar City

As riders enter into their 360-degree spinning cars, they’ll be whisked out of a station and into a 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop from the mountainside, taking them from a standstill to speeds of 47 miles per hour in seconds. (Currently, the world's steepest rollercoaster is Takashiba roller coaster in Japan, with a 121-degree drop angle.)

Designed to look like a futuristic time machine, the attraction follows Charles Henry, a 19th-century clockmaker and inventor who is so captivated by the tales of Jules Vernes, he creates the Time Traveler coaster.

Visitors will go through a loading station and learn Henry's story, before embarking on a series of speed-filled twists and turns — almost enough to bend time and space.

To maintain momentum for the duration of the ride, the rollercoaster features a second launch that will take riders’ speeds from 30 to 45 mph in just three seconds.

time traveler ride
Credit: Courtesy of Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City partnered with German manufacturer MACK Rides for this outrageous attraction, which will be the park's biggest cost (a cool $26 million) when it opens in the spring of 2018.

This Missouri amusement park is also home to more than 40 other rides and attractions like the Outlaw Run rollercoaster, which is the world's second-fastest wooden coaster.