This New Roller Coaster in Pittsburgh Flips You Around a Record-breaking 9 Times

Steel Curtain Rollercoaster
Photo: Courtesy of Kennywood

Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan is an emotional roller coaster — one that flips you upside down nine times.

Kennywood, an amusement park outside of Pittsburgh, opened its newest roller coaster last week. The Steel Curtain is an homage to the city’s football time and contains a record-breaking nine inversions.

“The Steel Curtain isn't like any other roller coaster out there, and we can't wait to start taking guests the world over for the ride of their lives,” Kennywood General Manager Jerome Gibas said in a statement.

The black-and-gold roller coaster also sets a record for world’s tallest coaster inversion, at 197 feet.

It takes about two minutes for riders to go through all 4,000 feet of steel track. At its fastest, the coaster will reach 76 miles per hour.

“The zero-gravity “stall” make riders feel weightless by flipping them 180 degrees so they’re hanging upside down over the midway before flipping them in the other direction back up,” according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Even with the inversions and the banana rolls in it, it's so smooth [that] it's almost a family coaster ride,” one of the first riders told CNN. “Anyone could ride it, absolutely.”

Steel Curtain Rollercoaster
Courtesy of Kennywood

The term “Steel Curtain” refers to the football’s team defensive line, which helped them win the Super Bowl four times back in the 1970s.

The coaster is part of a new section of the park dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Guests can visit the Steelers Experience, where they can play and compete in football-related games and obstacle courses, and the End Zone Cafe, featuring tailgating cuisine like burgers stuffed with cheese and bacon.

The Steel Curtain is not the only record-breaking roller coaster to open this year. In April, a Canadian theme park opened the world’s longest, fastest and tallest dive coaster.

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