Super Nintendo World Will Have Mario-themed Food, Princess Peach’s Castle, and a Yoshi Ride

The new addition to Universal Studios Japan will open in February.

box from Universal Studios Japan
Photo: Universal Studios Japan

Fact: Food is always better when it’s cuter.

The highly anticipated Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will surely not disappoint. According to Nintendo Life, the park has released its official park map as well as images of its adorable snacks guests will be able to purchase in the park (originally on Japanese website Famitsu).

Map of Universal Studios Japan Super Mario World
Universal Studios Japan

The map shows how guests can enter the Mushroom Kingdom in grander scale than ever before. The entrance begins at Peach’s Castle, where they can have a meet and greet with Mario and Luigi or purchase special wristbands for the park, and from there, guests can head over to Bowser’s Castle (towards the left side of the map), dine at Kinopio’s Cafe (center of the map), or ride some attractions throughout, Hypebeast reported.

Guests can also ride attractions like Koopa’s Challenge in Koopa’s Castle and Yoshi’s Adventure in Mount Beanpole, according to Hypebeast.

Of course, no theme park is complete without fun, themed foods to keep your energy up for rides. Super Nintendo World seems to be giving Disney World a run for its money with adorable, highly detailed snacks. According to Nintendo Life, guests can chow down on a Mario Bacon and Cheese Burger, tiramisu that looks like a Question Block, a Piranha Plant caprese salad, and a “Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl,” which is shaped like an adorable, tiny mushroom, among other menu items.

Universal Studios Japan mushroom snack
Universal Studios Japan
store at Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan

In addition, the park has released some images of souvenirs guests will be able to purchase at the park’s 1-Up Factory, including toadstool head hats, apparel, Mario mustache glasses, and more. Adding to the magic of the park, the gift shop is also decorated with Mario-esque conveyor belts and has a front entrance made to look like one of the game’s distinctive green pipes.

The park is planned to open in February 2021 at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. For more information, visit the Universal Studios Japan website or take a virtual tour of Super Nintendo World on YouTube.

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