Disney Star Wars Land Construction
Credit: Artist concept only; © Disney Enterprises; Inc./Lucasfilm Ltd.

A long, long time ago (2015) we were promised Star Wars Land.

We’re all eagerly awaiting a world wherein we can board the Millennium Falcon as easily as we can board an airplane. But we’re going to have to wait a while longer.

Construction on Star Wars Land began in April 2016 and won’t be complete until Summer 2019, if everything stays according to plan.

And although we generally don’t rely on construction projects finishing on time, new photos taken by aerial photography company Nearmap above the Star Wars Land site in Orlando show our lack of faith to be disturbing.

The entire lot has been cleared of trees in less than a year, and buildings are starting to pop up.

We don’t yet know the layout of Star Wars Land, so it’s still unclear what these buildings will be. But, because of their smaller size, it’s safe to guess that these buildings will be bathrooms or small shops.

And we still don’t know exactly what to expect in the immersive experience, but we’ve been told that guests will be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon, dine at the Mos Eisley cantina, and explore a brand new planet in the "Star Wars" system.

But because we can’t jump into hyperspace and get straight to 2019, we’ll all just have to satiate our need for "Star Wars"with "The Last Jedi" coming out in December and then "Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo"in May 2018.