Six Flags' new attraction will combine riders' real-life surroundings with a VR journey through space. 

By Talia Avakian
February 09, 2017
Courtesy of Six Flags

After teaming up a year ago to create North America’s first virtual reality roller coaster, Six Flags and Samsung are back at it again, debuting what will be the world’s first “mixed reality” experience for roller coaster riders.

The New Revolution Galactic Attack, coming to California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom parks later this month, uses a passthrough camera feature to allow riders to see the attraction’s interactive graphics in combination with their real world surroundings, meaning the rider sitting next to you could become part of your experience.

Courtesy of Six Flags

The ride takes visitors on an epic battle to save the planet from an alien drone invasion, with Samsung Gear VR headsets that will display data like how much weaponry you currently have and a countdown clock that ticks away as you pass through hills and swirling wormholes.

Along the way, you’ll see otherworldly sites like a fighter spaceship cockpit that whisks you off into a tunnel of light, all before you’re launched into a space battle to fight off the flying drones.

Riders can experience completely different scenes, as the ride ends with three different drone bays visitors will stop into, each of which have a unique gaming experience and ending to offer.

The parks will be hosting a food drive February 18-20, and visitors who bring a full bag of non-perishables will get the chance to ride the attraction before it opens to the public on February 20 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and on February 25 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.