A Theme Park in Japan Is Now Offering Guests 'Screaming' Stickers to Wear on Rides

Put the sticker on your face mask and you'll look totally "normal" on a roller coasters.

If you get on a roller coaster, chances are that you’re going to scream like you’ve never screamed before. Now, there’s a face mask that can do it for you.

In an effort to help recreate the thrill of being able to scream on a roller coaster, one theme park in Japan is now offering stickers for face masks that have big, open, “screaming” mouths on them, according to USA Today.

Greenland, a theme park in Japan, posted images of these new masks on social media and its website. According to Hypebeast, guests can choose one sticker as they arrive in the park, while supplies last.

There are several different styles of cartoon mouth stickers that guests can choose from, but the overall look is, well, a little questionable. “This is Greenland's new scream style,” it says on the theme park’s Facebook page. The theme park also posted a video on YouTube with the new face mask stickers in action, featuring a masked person taking a ride on a roller coaster. While the mask certainly looks a little silly, it seems effective in showing that the person is having a good time.

Still, in an idea world, we’d all probably prefer to scream to our heart’s content.

Many roller coaster lovers balked at the idea of “no screaming” rules at Japanese theme parks announced earlier in the summer, but the new rule has seemed to catch on. Many theme parks have implemented this rule because of the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put, screaming spreads droplets from your mouth, and droplets spread germs.

The solution that theme park officials came up with is to tell guests to “scream inside their heart.” Easier said than done, but it’s also the only way for guests who want to display their enthusiasm in a safe way. Until now, that is.

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