“This was not a good idea.”

Not everyone is meant to save the galaxy.

Back in May, Disney California Adventure revamped its old Tower of Terror into a brand new, superhero-themed ride “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT!”

The new-ish ride operates similarly to the Tower of Terror, except for its super galactic facelift and that the ride shoots the riders to the top of the tower like a rocketship. The former ride did not have a sudden vertical ascent.)

Cory James, a reporter for ABC30 in California, was among those eager to try the ride, but it seems he was not entirely prepared for what was in store.

The hilarious blooper video from ABC30 shows the unfortunate James, who could not keep his composure for the segment as he shot up and down the elevator drop-style ride.

“This was not a good idea,” James said at one point, between screams. But his coworkers and his fellow riders definitely got a kick out of it.

James jokingly tweeted that the experience was “traumatic.”

We can sympathize with James, though. Those vertical rides are not to be trifled with. There’s a reason the old ride was called “Tower of Terror.”