No Screaming Roller Coaster
Credit: Toronto Star via Getty Images

Try not to scream when you ride the newest rollercoaster at a British amusement park.

That’s not a threat, but rather an unusual request from The Big Sheep in Bideford, Devon. The attraction has been working with the neighboring village of Abbotsham on reducing its noise, and their latest effort to keep the peace is asking people riding their new rollercoaster to bite their tongues.

According to the Mirror, a sign stands next to the rollercoaster—aptly named The Big One—that reads: “This is a family ride—not a white knuckle thrill ride. Enjoy the views but we love our neighbours. PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT OR SCREAM! Thank ewe.”

The Daily Star reports that the sign is the result of a five-year battle between the amusement park and local residents who worried that the gleeful screams and laughter of children emanating from the new rollercoaster would be "intrusive."

In addition to the sign, the park employed “the UK’s top noise consultant” during the planning process and spent “£100,000s building a massive noise bund” to shield their neighbors from the sound of delighted shrieks, the Mirror reported.

It’s unclear how the park plans to enforce the no screaming rule, as people riding what the park’s website advertises as “Devon's Biggest, Highest, and Longest Rollercoaster” may simply feel the need to scream, despite their best efforts. After all, The Big One is over 1,300-feet long and features a 42-foot high drop.