“All grown-ups were once children...but only a few of them remember it.”

By Bailey Bennett
August 29, 2017
Credit: © Michel Caumes

Grown-ups and children alike can indulge their imaginations like never before at a whimsical theme park inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic book, The Little Prince.

Located in Ungersheim, Alsace, on the eastern border of France (about a five hour drive from Paris), Le Parc du Petit Prince opened its doors in 2014 and is the first aerial park in the world. While the hidden park may not have the wide appeal of some of France’s more high profile attractions, it's perhaps the ultimate destination for the Prince’s many dedicated fans.

The park has more than 30 attractions and exhibits inspired by the tale of a young prince's journey from his tiny home planet to Earth. There are giant hot air balloons named after the story’s Lamplighter and King that guests can ride, a 4D underwater planet experience, and a recently-opened coaster called The Snake (based on a character from the book that readers won’t soon forget).

Credit: © Michel Caumes

In addition to water slides, train rides, zip lines, and carousels, the park also features a field of sheep (of course) and a red fox burrow with furry residents who, we hope, would be willing to spout some sage advice for visitors. Guests can even visit a butterfly-filled greenhouse and a special rose garden featuring one very “important” rose, carefully protected by a glass enclosure.

Credit: © Michel Caumes

Tickets to the park, which is open during the warmer months, will only run adults about $22 (or €19) each. You’ll just have to spring for that plane ticket to France.