By Erika Owen
August 05, 2015
© 2014 Chip Litherland Photography Inc.
| Credit: © 2014 Chip Litherland Photography Inc.

Fun fact: Legoland has its own currency. It gets better: The amusement park teamed up with foreign exchange company Travelex to get their currency on an actual exchange board. The Florida resort announced today that it would be the first theme park to have an official currency traded on this level. Each Legoland Dollar goes fro $1 USD (with a minimum of $5 USD), but the local currency has extra perks when used within the park through the end of the summer. For example: If you buy $50 in Legoland Dollars, you'll receive free parking, free water park entry, and a free order of what Legoland describes as their famous Granny's Apple Fries.

For anyone interested in adding this Monopoly-esque feature to their vacation, you can exchange their money at 55 Travelex locations around the country. Note: Legoland Dollars can only be purchased with US Dollars.

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