Since 1998, DisneyQuest has been a Downtown Disney staple. Come 2016, there will be a new themed venture in town: NBA Experience. The new attraction will come equipped with a restaurant and a store.

The removal of DisneyQuest has been quiet—the brand stopped including the venue in their water park combination passes this past Monday. The Orlando location has experienced the longest lifespan out of all of the DisneyQuest locations—venues in Chicago and Philadelphia both fell through due to unmet financial expectations. With smartphone apps getting more intricate by the phone update, this digression doesn't come as a total shock considering visitors face ticket fees of $47 versus the much less expensive gaming apps they hold in their hands.

DisneyQuest isn't the only Disney arcade experience taking a hit. The Tomorrowland Arcade in Magic Kingdom was also shuttered and its games were distributed to various brand hotels.

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