Costco Is Selling Universal Studios Tickets at a Massive Discount Right Now (Video)

Costco members already have a lot to celebrate thanks to the club's steep discounts on everyday products. But now, members are getting exclusive access to extremely cheap theme park tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood as well.

As Better Homes & Garden explained, a full-price single day ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood costs a whopping $109. However, right now Costco members can score a full three-visit pass from Costco for just $139.

That means you can essentially get two extra days in the park for just a few dollars more.

Of course, because this discount will likely be rather popular, Costco set a six ticket per Costco member limit. But, it still marks an incredible deal as a family of six could save more than $1,100 on a three-day trip to Universal with the discount.

Universal Studios in Hollywood
Marc Dozier/Getty Images

Beyond the ticket limit, those who purchase the discounted tickets must also use them within a 12-month span. You do not need to visit on three consecutive days, though, you do need to use the last of your passes by June 15, 2020.

And, the tickets do come with a few blackout dates including spring break and during the park's busy season.

This also isn't the only incredible offer Costco has right now. According to Better Homes & Garden, the membership store is also selling an 18-month pass to Universal Studios Hollywood for $219.99, marked down from the park's normal $619 rate.

If Universal isn't your thing, fear not, as Costco Travel is also selling discounted tickets to Disneyland and Disney World as well.

As Travel + Leisure previously reported, Costco Travel offers discount packages for Walt Disney World vacations. These discounts aren't as significant as the Universal discount, but, when it comes to saving on a family vacation to some of America's most expensive theme parks, every dollar counts.

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