Jack Reynolds is proving age is nothing but a silly number when it comes to having fun.

At 105 years old, Reynolds, a great-grandfather from Derbyshire, England, just became the oldest person on Earth to ride a roller coaster, according to Guinness World Records. He took his record-breaking ride on the Twistosaurus attraction at Yorkshire's Flamingo Land theme park.

Reynolds told The Irish News the ride was "so different" compared to the last roller coaster he went on, about 80 years ago. He also admitted with a smile that he was "frightened to death" before stepping foot on the ride.

Reynolds was accompanied by his daughter, Jayne, who may have been just as scared as he was, telling Good Morning Britain: "I've been upside down so many times. I've got a real bad fear of heights but I've had to overcome it for this chap."

But thrill-seeking and gathering new world records is old hat for Reynolds. Last year, at 104, Reynolds became the oldest person to get a tattoo. His secret to longevity may also be just as inspiring as his daredevil feats: Reynolds credits a drop of whisky in his morning tea as the key to keeping him healthy.

While Reynolds is certainly in it for the joy of accomplishing something new, he’s also in it to do something good. As part of his record-breaking roller coaster ride, Reynolds raised money for his local air ambulance.

“Quite often we have the air ambulance over our district and it impressed me it is all run by charity, no help whatsoever, only charity,” he noted to The Irish News. “No help from the Government and I really believe that they should have a lot more funding.”

We can’t wait to see what Reynolds accomplishes next year on his 106th birthday.